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About Us

At forty years of age, Soham-Omphale
experienced a call from the deepest part of their Consciousness
to Unitedly and Voluntarily follow The Internal Sadhana of

Our Guru Avatar Bhagavand Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


In honor of the Blessing of receiving his Sacred Vibhuti,

Baba conducts the Vedic knowledge of Nirvana and Moksa.


Sathya Sai has guided each of our steps and by his Grace

we share with Humanity 

Hiranyagarbha Prema Ashram.


Thus by the request of the Loving devotee Tara Flower,

we began the journey of Astrological Services for Humanity.

We’re always aware that we're instruments of our

Internal Path.

Everything that must be accomplished is

The Total and Absolute Surrender to the Omnipresent


that has no equal because of his unlimited Love.

Sai is the Door of the Present 

and offers the opportunity of Purification, 

Cleansing, and Internal Enlightenment.

Omphale-Soham Devotedly Adore 

His Personal and Eternal form. 

His teachings have Love

as means and as an End.


Our Guru taught us to

Enthrone Love as the Monarch of the 

Kingdom of Emotions.

Hiranyagarbha is Prema in Action.

We are all Golden Children.

 Om Sri Sai Ram

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