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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Soham and Omphale share with you an Astro-Zodiac Consultation which has the purpose to give you all the tools at our disposal so that you can assume and overcome everything that surrounds you. We are explaining transits of the Planets and the effects they have on our lives. These transits also give us the opportunity and open doors and capabilities in our evolutionary process. It is a unique moment to overcome all earthly processes and connect to the higher Spirit of Light that exist in our Hearts.

The Human Being who assumes Devotion to God is lead to the Five Human Values which are:

Dharma: Virtue as a duty to find God within yourself.

Shanti: Inner Peace

Sathya: Unaltered Truth

Prema: Unselfish Love

Ahisma: Nonviolence

These constitude a Universal Model of Conduct. Faith in oneself

always remains because there is no mind that separates

nor pride that dissipates.

In Sanskrit, Thikarana Suddhi means Purity of:

Thought - Word - Action.

Without this discipline of aligning these three basic behaviors, there is no possibility of connection with our Human Purpose.


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