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Updated: Mar 11, 2022


If you are reading this right now and have stumbled upon this website then no doubt in my mind that you are a person on the path.

At what chapter, season of life, or fork in the road I don’t know, but here you are no doubt attempting to plant some good seeds within... and I respect you immensely for it.

Right now you’re currently browsing a website but for me this project symbolizes a turning point in my life & character.

We all find ourselves in these moments of reinvention; inflection points I like to call them.

Moments where we decide to turn inwards, where we feel called to go to the next level.

Times in our lives we are trying to do some sincere work....

I was asked by my aunt to help her with this project more than a year ago.

The request terrified me!

Imposter syndrome, doubt, inability to create, perfectionism, comparison, and fear is mostly the flavor of things I felt! Why me?

I didn’t want to mess anything up, you know.

but when a door opens and you want to shut it, sometimes the best thing you can do is leave a crack open so you can actually walk through it.

I let my mind do its thing, did a next with it, and then said yes! “Lets do it!”

It’s funny how things turn out. How timing works. How things have there moments in time and if you’re paying attention you can tap into them quite nicely.

As soon as I said yes, everything in my life aligned to tap into the rhythms of this project.

I got a new job.

I moved out to a place that happened to be in the corner.

I was making strides, catching “green lights” in my creative work.

In the most natural way possible, we got to work...

I learned a lot over the next year working with my aunt.

Creating with intuition




Each moment is new

and taking things one day at a time.

I learned a lot about how the mind can take things that are gold and turn them into stone.

Better for myself to keep it playful and keep showing up.

As a creative with a spiritual inclination, one who hasn’t quite figured out how to take my internal world and bring it to the surface, I think most importantly what I learned though was the importance of sharing your gifts.

This isn’t so much in relation to me but to all of us.

I have this philosophy...

I don’t know how long I’ll be around but since god has given me another day to be alive that means one more day to keep trying to work out this riddle called life.

One more day to keep collecting clues.

Clues into getting to know who am I.

Thats what you are all doing too. You’re a seeker of sorts no doubt, in search for truth. Thats fucking cool.

We all are having this wonderful opportunity to get to know ourselves.

To do this internal work.

To find our songs so to speak and to live out from them.

Every person ( you ) has this wonderful peculiar uniqueness that we must discover, be brave enough to step into, and make peace with.

That requires doing the work of course.

Who ever you are, whatever you do, I encourage you to share your gifts like my aunt has done so for me.

Share your gifts

Do the work

Get aligned

I’ll keep trying on my end as well.

I’ll bump into you soon,


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