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Soham & Omphale

Action, Word, and Deed

A discussion on the relationship of aligning one’s thoughts, word, and deed to cultivating personal harmony in life; and how their misalignment keeps one tethered to the mind and out of the only place where peace truly resides: in the present moment.

Beyond The Mind

How do we get out of the stuckness of the mind and thoughts? Acceptance! When we understand that we have been gifted these human bodies to experience the process of life to know the true self, we can lighten the grip over them and experience the truth of who we are.

Human Birth

We “know” that life is a gift, but do we truly understand this? We see things not as they are, but as we are. Let us remove the veils from our vision so we can truly comprehend the goal of life - presence in this moment.

What Does Spiritual Practice Look Like?

You may be waiting for a long discourse here, but it’s very simple…. Awake in gratitude. Breathe in gratitude. Live your day in gratitude. End your day in gratitude. Repeat. :)

How to Develop Character?

What do you align with? What is YOUR truth? This discourse invites us to explore these questions and discern: Who am I?, and How do I want to show up in this world and in life?

A Talk on Meditation

In this discourse, Soham shares deep wisdom on the process and practice of meditation.He asks us to jump from karma to dharma so that we may experience dhyana, the middle station, a complete state of presence and centeredness in our being.

Venus Starpoint

This recording reflects our live meeting in October 2022 celebrating the Venus Starpoint, a very special moment in which the planet Venus completed its outline figure of a lotus flower through its trajectory. The lotus flower is considered a symbol of rebirth, self-realization, and spiritual awakening.

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Our Intention for this page

Together we bring you talks with Soham & Omphale. This page is all about opening up conversations with you all, sharing profound tools for healing, and taking advantage of this special moment in time for us to get to know ourselves. 

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