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We tend to forget that we are human beings and therefore, step into the world as human doings. Soham and Omphale remind us that there is truly very little we need to do. We can live a life of “bhakti”, a life of devotion, and in this practice, we will experience a simple happiness that is independent of any external circumstance. We will understand the divinity and sacredness of having this human life.

We allow gratitude to serve as the guiding force in our lives. As we wake up each day and cultivate gratitude for the gift of life, we will feel peace. We are present. We notice. We feel gratitude for the first
conscious breath we take each day, gratitude for the body, gratitude for our abilities, and an understanding that our presence within each moment allows us to align our thoughts, words, and deeds. This is our spiritual

What Does Spiritual Practice Look Like?

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