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This forms the Universal Stage, where a play of the individual, collective and Cosmic forces work in Unison. 
The inner sequence towards the Spirit that intertwines 
the thread of consciousness.

Technique and Practice

We could say that your Natal Chart is the landscape 

of your Individual Yantra, the inner forces of each individual 

that are linked to the Divine Cosmic Energies. 

This is where you can plant your Humble Seed, the seed of 

self-awareness and humility , which allows us to see our

ego-tendencies and transcend them. 

The Yantra is a safe place for you to go to and discover your integration.

 An internal place to find order within yourself.


To understand the power of Mantra, 
their first must be awareness of Energy.
As we all know, Energy is not created or destroyed.
It is constantly transforming itself as well as all of Nature. 

The words that we speak are one of the fundamental

form of the use of Energy. 

We use Energy, put it into words and define 

what we call LIFE. 

One of the signs of entering a path of conscience

is becoming more aware of how we express ourselves,

how our words align, 

the impact that they create 

and what they define.

Man Tra

Pure Mind      Vehicle Instrument

Mantra is an instrument of the mind, a Powerful sound-vibration
That alters your subconscious impulses, habits and afflictions.
Like a seed,
Planted and cared for, you can watch it blossom and bear fruits.