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What is meditation, and why should we want to include it as a daily practice in our lives? Soham succinctly educates us on how Maya is created in the mind and how meditation is truly the medicine for cultivating peace within and around us.

We are asked to practice regularly, ten minutes a day, so that we can cultivate focus and concentration. We then turn more deeply inward
and withdraw the senses from the external stimuli around us. Through this process, we develop self-control and equanimity, step out of the
emotional reactivity that accompanies our personality, and dissolve the patterns of old programming that block us from knowing the true light of our souls. We are invited to practice a cancel flame meditation so that we may reinforce the teachings and experience the process directly, as we develop concentration, deepen our contemplation, and shift from living a karmic, ego driven life into a dharmic life aligned with the will of God.

A Talk on Meditation

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