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Our thoughts, words, and actions govern how we show up in the world and for ourselves. When we are aligned in thought, word, and action, we experience a subtle yet natural harmony within. We automatically align to our highest expression, we live from a space rooted in love, and we are not focused on the past or the future. When we are misaligned, we become trapped in thoughts, and challenged by the ego’s belief that it is the doer. Spirituality teaches us that we can transcend thoughts and experience complete presence.

How do we do this? We become present in each moment. We practice japa: “repetition of the name with responsibility”, dhyana: “consciousness alertness – meditation”, and premanamasmarana: “the integration of prema (love)”. We practice a daily sadhana so that we may stay rooted within the moment and within ourselves. Our practice brings us out of the mind and into presence. Our practice pulls us from focusing on the future to becoming one with the moment. Our commitment to presence in the moment allows us to realize that the moment is the goal of life. It is from this state that the richness of life is felt.

Action, Word, and Deed

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