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We have been gifted these human bodies and minds to walk our paths here on Earth. However, our vision is clouded, and we are unable to see clearly. We see through eyes that are attached to the linear body and linear mind when the truth is that we are so much more. Intellectually we may learn that we are not the body, and we are not the mind. How do we make the jump from intellectual understanding to a known and felt embodiment? We accept. As we begin to practice acceptance that we are not limited to the body, our experience of life will expand.
The Buddha is famous for the quote, “What you think you become.”, and it is so with each of us. What will we accept for ourselves? To experience an expanded level of understanding, we must accept that we are indeed more. Omphale reminds us, “The minute you accept that you are more, you begin to experience more.” This knowledge opens the doorway to experience the wholeness that is present in this moment for each of us. No external circumstance can create this wholeness – it is already present within.

Beyond The Mind

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