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How to Develop Character

How do we develop our character as a conscious spiritual being? We must begin by understanding what character is and is not. The Sanskrit term, ekam, relates to unity, and building character also relates to unity. When we are servants of the mind and senses,
we are living in the realm of personality and temperament. In this space, it is not possible to see the unity inherent in life.
As spiritual aspirants living human lives, we must discern unity to build our character. We cultivate the five human values: dharma,
virtue; shanti, peace; satya, truth; prema, love; and ahimsa, no-violence. As we live in this way, we will be living a life guided by dharma and not by karma. By knowing ourselves, living a life that is authentic for our soul, and releasing judgement, we develop character and create the capacity to stand in the center of ourselves.

How to Develop Character?

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