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In October 2022, we came together to share and celebrate. Astrologically, there
was a full moon in Libra. Venus had just completed its 13,000-year trajectory, and
in doing so, outlined the figure of a lotus flower. This was a significant moment in time, as the lotus flower represents growth and awakening at the highest level. The five-petal lotus as designed, also brought to the forefront, the arrival of the five human values: dharma, virtue; shanti, peace; satya, truth; prema, love; and
ahimsa, no violence.
In this recording, Soham and Omphale share their wisdom and guidance so that we may continue to thrive through our practices of understanding and righteous living. They asked us to recite the Gayatri mantra in our daily lives to cut through
the illusion of the ego, purify our minds, and use our intellect to live in service of light and love. We have an opportunity here and now to choose the loving energy
of God and experience the soaring of our souls.

Venus Starpoint

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