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A Journey into the Self

Hello Dear Souls

My name is Beth Stone and I would love to create an open dialogue with you.

Let’s take a lively journey into Yoga Budhi, a beautiful book which lays down the path to moksha, or freedom…freedom from the mind and freedom within the heart and soul.

This book came to me through my Aunt Kim, and I waited and waited patiently for its publication.

The first day I received this gem, I read cover to cover in one night just to get a sense of the offering, and the messages were profound.

I knew from the first reading that this book needed to be shared.

Teaching Yoga at the University of Central Florida, I immediately added this book to the required reading list for my students.

They are freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors; and now delving into the material - and themselves.

They are recognizing how the mind helps them and how the mind holds them back.

They are challenging beliefs that they were raised with and creating space for new ways of thinking, being, and believing.

And, they are teaching me. They are teaching me to answer the same questions I pose to them.

It’s wonderful, provoking, and uncomfortable, and absolutely amazing, because as we answer these questions, we create the space for new questions and an expanded view.

So I will share two of these questions with you.

Be curious! Dive in! What could be more interesting to examine and understand than the SELF?!

1. Describe how your intellect (mind) gets in the way of your moment. (p13-17)

2. Page 21 refers to the DOER.

If we understand that the doer is our ego, acting from the mind expecting a result and the non-doer is our soul acting from the heart with no expectations, describe your doer.

I would love to hear your answers and share a discussion too.

Sending loads of peace, light and love. 🙏💗☮️😊

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