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Chiron - (English)



Is a Minor Planetoid

It orbits between two intensely significant planets: the restrictive Saturn

Chrono (the Seventh Planet of this Solar System), which regulates Cause and Effect of our Planet Earth, as well as the liberated and spontaneous Uranus (the Eighth Planet), which takes us beyond the mental limitations that define our Ideas. (These defining Ideas are regulated by Saturn.)

Chiron takes approximately 50 years to align with a Native Chiron and it

transits through this sign anywhere from two to nine years. Chiron has been in Aries since February 18, 2019 and will continue there until April 14, 2027.

In this process, everything starts again, since Aries reigns over the first

Astrological House. Thus, how we choose to manifest our self will have a direct impact on all the other roles we choose to experience.

Aries is the first spark of Divine Light within us. When it says “I am,” and

goes out to prove something, it does so in conquest for it is reigned by Mars (“I conquer”).

This occurs until you realize that the only one you need to

conquer is yourself. At this point, you then become a beacon of light for


Wherever Aries is located on your Natal Chart – whether you were born

with the Sun in Aries or are in the vicinity of that Amazing experience of

being 50 – know that IT IS TIME TO HEAL. Stop licking your wounds and take responsibility for your actions. Be who you choose to be.

Uranus is the Heavens, the Human-Being that exists within all of us,

the spontaneous Spark of Divinity that reigns over Humanity, and the

capacity to know that the space where you are is God-given.

Chiron is the mid-point between what Limits you and what Propels you.

This is the symbolic Key (Chiron). It is called the healer and the wounded, and is represented by many mythological stories.

Chiron is a space, a keyhole for healing. The Key is the possibility to heal by letting go of the past, its struggles and glories, and assuming the Present with Dignity and Honesty within Yourself in order to lead the way to NOW.


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