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First Update


Welcome to Our First Update.

What to expect? The Unexpected.

Our Updates encompass all matters of Human Spiritual Life, in Harmonywith Astro-Zodiac traffic or movements.

It’s fitting to begin with the change from the Gemini and SagittariusNodes which occurred from May 5, 2020 to January 18, 2022, to Taurusand Scorpio, which began on January 18, 2022 and will end on July 17, 2023.

Beloved Natives Our Esoteric Astrology includes the duty to share

Astro-Zodiac knowledge. When the Native first meets his stars, he discovers his own cosmic itinerary. The Stars transit around the Sun in their regular orbit, and influence Natives on Earth during their trajectory.

Believe it or not, that is irrelevant. What truly matters is that you internalize it, because in this way, your Soul will find the traces that it left, and will be able to decipher how to transcend them. In this case, we're referring to the Lunar Nodes.

North The Head South The Tail of the Dragon

The Head indicates what is to come.

The Tail indicates the past.

They are opposite points in the trajectory of the Moon, and therefore,they move according to the hands of the Clock, which compromise theRoute of the Ages every 2,160 years.

The Stars revolve around the Sun against the hands of the Clock,interacting with the nodes and with Saturn, The Chrono-regulator ofMankind’s Time.

These nodes change their trajectories every 18 years. They regulate andgive every native the opportunity to balance his Present. The South Node releases what is left over. The North Node adjusts what is to come. Let's give you a tour of the last three Nodal changes, so that you can identify what you have already observed in your own lives, and in your surroundings.

North Node Signs: Cancer (Water)

(November 6, 2018 - May 5 2020) Family - Home - Status - Politics

On January 18, 2020, the first virus sample was taken in Washington

DC; on January 20, the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. wasconfirmed.

The sign Cancer rules Home and Family, while Capricorn rules careerand achievement, which was what defined the passage of the Nodesand the Virus as the trigger.

This affected everyone individually depending on one’s foundation. Afterbeing confined, working from home and dealing with Day-to-Daycircumstances, the Nodes shifted to Gemini and Sagittarius (Air-Fire).

Gemini (Air)

(May 5, 2020 - January 18, 2022)

(Relatives - Siblings - News)

With the changes of Nodes, the situation extends to Relatives, Siblings and the News. It was notable that the sign of Gemini is ruled by the Airelement, thus the need for people to breathe, talk and share with others.

This is complicated by the South Node and the Law.

On May 26, 2020, after a Year of lockdown, protests began across theUnited State over the Death of George Floyd, and communications tookover.

That was not the only “unthinkable” that awaited us, as the Assault onthe Capital happened on January 6 2021. (The President a GeminiNative.) What occurred during the passage of the Nodes is now History.

Taurus (Earth)

(January 18, 2022 - July 17 2023)

Body - Money - Nature

An interesting time for our Mother Nature. Along with the North Node,Taurus is also visited by Uranus (which rules spontaneity, progress and altruism) (The last visit was from 1934 to 1942. In this era, womenstarted to work and demanded their rights.)

Visit from Uranus have always brought economic

changes. This one brought Cryptocurrency and the process

of Wall Street. Other important changes have always

involved Artistic Feminine Energy, especially regarding conventional molds that don’t work in practice. The North Node together with Uranus is going to catapult everything innovative, including Pervasive Robotics.

This is separate from the excessive need to satisfy our desires, whichwill begin to seem ridiculous. Many charitable works and newenterprises will arise, which will cultivate communities, advances inmedicine, and all kinds of new techniques to take care of the Body andHealth. This stage will define who is Kind and who is Selfish.

South Node

Signs: Capricorn (Earth).

Mother - Career - Image - Achievement

There is no need to explore the topic we all know. How many have lost mothers or relatives? Likewise, how many others found themselves changing careers, or becoming graduates who couldn't find jobs?

Many had to change their definitions of achievements, and the Image of the Country changed forever. The South Node teaches you that whenyou have to Let Go, then Let Go….

Sagittarius (Fire)

(May 5, 2020 - January 18, 2022)

Law - Travel - Studies - Religion

This one is easy: the restriction of travel and legal problems at all levels:Political, Legislative, Labor, Student.

We can not leave out the thousands of divorces due to irreconcilabledifferences, nor the numbers of students without graduation ceremoniesor clear futures after years of studies.The cancellation of Weddingsabroad due to restrictions. More than ever, Faith and Trust in God and inOurselves was put to the test.

Scorpio (Water)

(January 18, 2022 - July 17, 2023)

Trauma - Sex - Inheritance - Abyss

The Metamorphosis of the Ego and its Trauma. When the South Node, which dictates Letting Go, arrives in Scorpio, it's important to understand that this sign rules the present. It informs you that everything you hold onto is turning into your own detriment. (Resentment, Anger and Illness.) Masks and facades are unsustainable. Of course sexual scandals will occur and great Inheritances will be at Stake.

A unique time to Let Go of all psychological burdens and clean our minds, thus easing our hearts towards LOVE.

Convert Poison into Serum.

Until next time, SohamOmphale.

*This Update is available in Spanish at your Request.* We’ve implemented a new option for Subscriptions where you can choose toreceive Updates in Spanish.

Thank You.

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