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Mars in Transit through Gemini

Let me give you some background on these two and what it means

when they come together. Gemini is the first Air sign, (There are Three Air signs, of course air relates to movement; and movement relates to mind, as already mentioned, Gemini reigns over the Concrete mind, Libra (second Air sign) reigns over the Abstract mind and Aquarius (third Air Sign)reigns over the Universal mind.

With that said, Gemini reigns over the third Astrological House, there we study everything that has to do with the mind and its duality until it finds its neutrality, but until it does that there is tons of noise going on there, everything that has to do with siblings, relatives, communication, news and mainly gossip.

On August 20 2022 Mars entered in the sign of Gemini coinciding with several significant fixed stars or Aldebaran. On the 30th of October 2022, it begins its retrograde movement at 25 degrees of Gemini for 74 days going through 3 Solar stations and coinciding with Venus Star point, with this retrograde near Aldebaran, it will touch the foundation of the Law on Earth, a great process of 7 months until the 25 of March 2023 when Mars enters in Cancer that it is said it is in fall; this means that it is in a position of weakness, and begins to define world Karma.

While this is happening at a worldly stage or at a personal level, if you are Gemini or, where Gemini is in your Natal Chart, it is an important moment to adjust the dualities of your mind, bring forth all the patience necessary to find neutrality in dealing with your own internal stories, those of your relatives and all the information that this transit brings, Mars is the God of War it reigns over Aries and Scorpio ruling our animal instincts, aggression, anger, survival, reaction, sexual drive, it is the raw energy that becomes inpatient when things are not going its way, in other words the untamed EGO that starts with Aries saying; I’am (with no idea what that means) and hopefully concluding in Scorpio realizing the metamorphosis of the death of the EGO and its stories, rising in the Spirit and its wisdom. Wherever you are in this story make sure during these seven months that your Ego is tamed .

In these circumstances, Mars will be the potential energy that brings-forth assertiveness, directness, forthrightness, adventurousness and most of all alertness to accomplish outstanding life changing experiences. It all depends how this energy shows up in your Natal Chart and how you put it into play.

Love Light

Soham Omphale

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